From Surviving to Thriving: Leading Your Church into a Post-Pandemic World


You have survived. Everybody has been changed. You have been changed as a leader. Your church has been changed. But now the hard question? We may have survived the pandemic, but what will it take for our mission to thrive in the new post-pandemic world?

If “you are your only tool,” then how do you as leader put yourself to work shaping your people? If leadership is about generating capacity and not dependency, then how can we lead in such a way that grows the capacity of our people?

In short, how do we form the resilience of people to live into faithful change?

Utilizing the themes from Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed in a Crucible of Change, author Church Leadership Institute Executive Director Tod Bolsinger is the instructor of this 4 week Deep Dive course that follows the online course, Hewing Hope: Leadership Resilience for Organizational Transformation

This deep dive will meet Thursdays for four weeks, May 6- May 27 1:30-2:45 PST. Zoom link will be provided after purchase.