Calling in the Third Third of Life: A Guide for Devotions and Small Groups


Calling isn’t something we figure out when we’re young and that’s the end of it. We often associate calling with what people in early adulthood try to identify before they start their careers. Of course, in today’s world, the whole notion of a singular, lifelong career in response to a singular, lifelong calling is increasingly obsolete. For millions, the notion of calling isn’t even relevant. But, if we’re going to live lives that matter, we need to hold on tight to the idea of calling. Moreover, we need to be open to hearing God’s calling in every season of life, including the third third. Just because you qualify for a senior discount at Denny’s, that doesn’t mean you can forget about calling. No matter our age, no matter our life condition, like Abram and Sarai, we need to guide our lives by the calling we have from God.

This ten-part guide – ideal for small group study and conversation as well as personal devotions – is the perfect resource for any leader in or approaching their third third of life explore their sense of calling.

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